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Who is this for?

Any writer who feels discouraged, discontent, or stifled with where they are, frustrated with how hard it is to be seen. A writer at any stage of the journey who wants to give up every other day. You have a vision for your writing that you can’t get others to see. You feel alone. You want success as a writer but you don’t know how to define it, other than publication. If this is you, I believe you’re closer to what you need than you know or can fully understand. HYCW is me sitting with you each day and motivating you to mine the words from your heart and life.

What does my monthly subscription include?

You’ll receive access to exclusive interviews, lists of writing resources, and encouragement that will inspire and propel you toward your writing dream.  In addition, you’ll have access to #Writespo – weekly writing inspiration in an audio downloadable format. 

What does my annual subscription include?

You’ll receive all of the benefits of a monthly subscription, but with a $30 discount. In addition, the annual subscription comes with a personalized copy of one of my novels. Right now we’re offering Under A Cloudless Sky.  Best of all, you’ll have access to a friend who’s been where you are with a writing dream to share the journey.

Can I get feedback on ideas, a manuscript, or my writing?

While my main focus is to give you new material to view and digest each day, sitting down with me like we’re having coffee together, I will also offer a limited number of Personal Writing Consultations each month on a first come, first served basis. Think of this as a personal shot of caffeine and my effort to help you move forward toward your writing goal.

Who taught you the writing concepts you’ll share?

I’ve spoken with bestselling authors for more than 30 years on the radio. I’ve also been a student of writers and I’ve read dozens of books on the craft (camping out in my library’s 808 section for years). But my main source is NY Times bestselling author, Jerry B. Jenkins. He told me in the 1980s, “If you want to do this, I can help.” I became his apprentice, writing 55 books with him. I will draw on that experience and years of yearning to be published and the disappointment of rejection and the thrill of being paid to write.

Do you guarantee I will get published?

No! With a nod to The Princess Bride, “Writing is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” I do guarantee I will give you the vision I was given. The difficult path, the yearning and struggle to write well is worth it.

Do you offer assignments, curriculum, or writing prompts?

I may give limited prompts and suggestions, but I am depending on YOU to decide what to write. I don’t want to take you away from the ideas percolating inside. You will generate your own ideas, prompts and assignments and come back to HYCW for the encouragement to keep going, to fine-tune your writing and move toward your ultimate goal of publication.


How can watching videos make me a better writer?

“Watching” makes you a spectator. I’m looking for writers who want to engage. I want to speak to writers who aren’t afraid of the hard work of “joining yourself in your own journey.” I was told, “I can help you do this, if you want, but the process isn’t going to be easy.” I will show you the process I’ve been through in order to encourage you to become the best writer you can be.

Can this work for my children?

Absolutely! My vision is to help writers of all ages. From Middle School to Middle Age to Senior Citizens, all need encouragement to mine the words from your heart and get them onto the page. Younger writers will benefit greatly from the process I describe. My focus is not on quick publication but on becoming the best writer you can be.


Where do I start?

Purchase a plan and then watch any video that sparks your interest. You have unlimited access. No matter your skill level, you’ll benefit from the stories and straight talk. I do suggest you begin with the Welcome Series. This will help us get on the same page about your writing goals.